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Bathgate Bed Bug Exterminators

The first visit of the year to the vacation house  reveals a bed bug infestation in the living area and guest room. How did these vermin survive the winter months? How difficult will it be to correct this situation? Bed bugs establish residence in places where people live and work. Gyms, hotels, office buildings and retail establishments are reporting a higher rate of infestations that ever before. Residential settings become infested with bed bugs when the vermin arrive on warm-bodied hosts or personal belongings. DO NOT WASTE ANOTHER MOMENT Clients might want to discover how the bed bugs arrived, but prudent action is more important. Expert bed bug help is one phone call away. Allow our experts to visit the vacation home at your earliest convenience. Bed bugs can survive in a dormant state for a full year without ingesting a single blood meal from the host. Seasons can be survived while lying dormant in upholstery, bedding or mattresses. BED BUGS LEAVE DEFINITE SIGNS Bed bugs closely resemble an apple seed in size, color and shape. In addition, case skins will be present if the bed bugs have completed a growth cycle. All sleeping areas should be checked for the presence of black or brown stains on fabric and upholstery. Pet areas can be infested with bed bugs, too. EMBRACE PROVEN PRACTICES Our experienced exterminators will remove the bed bug infestation from the entire home interior. Occupants will want to follow these recommendations to prevent another infestation.
  • Remove all unused furnishings and belongings that clutter every room in the house;
  • Launder all linens throughout the warm seasons. Remove the bedding from the vacation house at the end of the summer;
  • Inspect all second-hand linens and furnishings for bed bugs prior to purchase;
  • Adopt an inspection schedule for all sleeping areas throughout the house.
  • Conduct inspections whenever guests stay with the family at the vacation house.
Professional assistance is required to remove bed bug infestations from the house. Convenient appointment times are available for clients with bed bug challenges. Contact our office, today, for an appointment.